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i tried to stay up for the fic, daviana, but i couldnt do it. please forgive me

Oct 20 2014



Angelic Pretty - Quartet Chocolate Series



I haven’t seen many detailed photos of the Loyal Rosette special set so I decided to post some of my own! 


People are always telling me that I look several years younger than I am. The good news about that is that I can still pull off this costume.


October 20, 2014 Haul ~

My huge October haul <3 Completed my Mad Hatter set finally! finally got the Fjord tricorn, blouse and Destinee de la Rose Blouse to complete both of my sets. Also was finally able to obtain the missing fawn fur beret in grey colorway I’ve been looking for since two years ago. Lastly won a nice h.Naoto Dragon Slayer Tulle Buttcape I didn’t even know was even made <3


écailles De Lune - Allegory of  Vanity- 2014 New Release Fall&Winter, jsk pre-order in November.


rick scott looks good here